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About Us

Community Members Committed to Serving You

Welcome to the farm! Situated on 7 acres we are dedicated to making the world a better place. In 2016 we took a leap of faith and sold our house in Clayton, moved out of a subdivision to a farm, and took out some loans to start a farm part-time. We started an aquaponics farm raising the best "better than organic" fruits, vegetables, and fish around.


In 2019 life had a different plan for us and the Memorial Day tornados destroyed our farm. The last couple of years we have been cleaning up and rebuilding. We again have a heated more efficient greenhouse (sunk 4 feet in the ground to use the earth's energy to help heat and cool) with one wall insulated, that we are growing year round fruit and vegetables. We still have the best eggs in the Miami Valley but we decided we were going to go a different way with the greenhouse to include fruit trees (fig, grapefruit, finger limes, lemon, lime, cara cara orange, hardy orange, dragon fruit, avocado, mandarin orange, guava, mango, banana and olive trees). While it will be a couple years until we have enough fruit and produce to sell we decided since we didn't have the nutrient dense aquaponics anymore we needed to figure out a way to make sure we still have the better than organic nutrient dense produce.

We started looking into options of composting to find ways to get nutrients without the chemicals and artificial fertilizers. We researched methods and found an ingenious method of composting that we had to try.


Welcome to Eco-Fly composting where we use the black soldier fly to compost kitchen scraps and waste, use the compost for nutrient dense produce, and use the fly larvae to feed our free-range chickens. Our chickens were already free-range, but we did have to supplement their diet with chicken feed. The larvae will help us make an even better egg and happier chickens.

The fly larva compost food waste without emitting methane (20x more potent to the environment than carbon dioxide) and the nutrients from the kitchen waste are wasted in a landfill.

Regular composting will also let us reuse nutrients but still creates some methane. Using black soldier fly composting reduces if not totally eliminates the methane and lets us keep the nutrients for the farm and eventually for the public as well. 


Rather than jump in head first we decided to try it first make sure we could sustain operations. For the last year plus, we have been raising the flies on our kitchen waste. We had the bugs in the basement for a while then built some containers in our heated greenhouse (Stephanie wasn’t too happy when a bug would escape the grow room and become part of the family).


Welcome again to Oasis Aqua Farm and Eco-Fly Composting

We reduce landfill waste, protect the environment from damaging methane, and reuse life giving nutrients to grow healthy food.
• Pesticide free & Chemical free.
• Better than Organic - We exceed Organic farming methods. We currently don’t pay for Organic certification process, however the nutrients we use to grow the plants are derived from your compost. We don’t use any non-organic products on our plants.
• Year-round food – rather than a single growing season we have a continuous supply of produce.
• Eco-Friendly - Our greenhouse system produces higher quality food with less impact than traditional farming practices. We are eco-friendly, completely green, conserve water and operate as a zero waste system.
• Locally Grown & Naturally grown– We personally grow all of the produce and eggs we sell here in Beavercreek.
• Fresh Produce - We produce fresh, healthy and great tasting natural food. The produce we produce tastes like nature intended. Our produce is picked ripe (often the day of purchase).  Our eggs are not stored for months but are a day or two old when you buy them. Try our products at your own risk, we don’t think you’ll ever want to buy produce from a supermarket again.

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