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 Sepura Composting Garbage Disposal

(collects food waste under sink) available for $200 off -    click picture to get discount


  • Weekly pickup - $30 per month

  • Bi - Weekly Pickup - $15 per month


        * Every 6 months all subscribers can earn 5-10 lbs of black soldier fly compost. Available on                   request.                                                            

To sign up for pickup service please fill out the form below and we'll send you a sign up link. Currently we offer pickup in all neighborhoods off Beaver Valley Road, New Germany Trebein, Including Autumn Creek neighborhood, Trebein, and Kemp (from Beaver Valley to North Fairfield)

If your neighborhood is not listed above yet please fill out form and we'll let you know when we have enough interest in your area to start pickup service.


Thank you for your interest in composting. We will contact you as soon as we have enough interest in your area to start pickup service. If you have a neighborhood email, newsletter, or Facebook page we could post our services and gauge interest please pass along that information as well. All weekly and bi-weekly pickups include a biodegradable Biobag(c) at each pickup. 

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