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frequently asked questions

1. Will my compost stink?


We have partnered with Sepura who has created a device that collects all the food scraps you put down your drain in a sealed, odorless, and liquid-free bin under your sink that you can then compost in a larger bucket (we have some for sale or use your own). This means you can save over 175 pounds of food scraps each year from clogging your pipes, wreaking havoc on your septic field, and/or polluting our air and landfills. They have graciously allowed us to give you a link that can save you $200 on their product. If this is something that interests you, here's the link:

We recommend storing your bucket in the garage or outside. If you buy our bucket, it has a screw on top to keep the smell in and the bugs and animals out.  You can also use something small like an ice cream bucket and dump it daily or every other day into the bucket and screw on the top. There are also a few commercial kitchen compost bin options that help eliminate smell. Other people put small containers full of food waste in the freezer until full then dump in bucket.

2. How do I drop off?

Tie the compostable bag in a knot and place it in the marked container, take a replacement bag and repeate next week.


3. For the pick-up option what is the process?

We will assign you a day for pick-up. Tie your bag, put the bucket at the curb the night before. We will take your compost and leave a replacement bag sometime during the pickup day.

4. What can I compost?

Take a look at our Do's and Don'ts for Composting page. We take most all food waste. 

4. Do I get finished compost with my subscription?

Yes! Every six months you will be eligible to receive 5-10 lbs of compost. Black soldier fly compost known as Frass is very rich compost. We recommend putting it on in the fall for vegetable gardens to make sure it has ample time to cure before harvest. For flowers or non edible gardens you can add it to your soil anytime. A little goes a long way.

4. What if I don't want to commit until I try it?

We get it. It's new and you are dealing with food waste. Try it on us for a month. You can buy a one of our buckets and we'll give you a free month to try it out (or use your own bucket). If you decide it isn't for you return the bucket for a full refund. If you are interested send us an email and we'll get you setup.

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