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  • All food waste is acceptable.

  • We can take dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits, breads, pasta, grains, processed food, fats, butter,

  • If you eat it we can take it. If it is rotten, we can take it as well.

  • Skins, cores, etc. are all ok.

  • Fish and Chicken bones are acceptable

Please NO:

  • Please no beef, lamb, pork, or any other large animal bones (no bones except fish and chicken please). We don’t currently have the expensive machinery to process them sufficiently and if we have a bunch of bones laying around the FBI might think something nefarious is going on.

  • No conventional plastics, paper, no polyester tea bags, no fruit stickers, no rubber bands, twist ties, no candy wrappers, etc.

  • No animal (including human) waste – even though Black Soldier Fly Larva can compost it we don’t want to deal with the regulations for accepting animal waste.

  • Yard waste (leaves, grass, etc.) – this is best left to regular composting.

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